About us

It’s all about QUALITY OF LIFE.   How do we get the most out of what we have?  Well, sometimes there are problems that need a solution – that’s where HOURBANDS came from – a problem needing a solution.  You see, the CEO and Founder of HOURBANDS Porter O’Doherty, was home one Saturday afternoon with one of his sons who was sick.  He was reminded by his wife that it was time for their son to take their medicine but neither of them could remember when he had taken which pill earlier that day.  And out of necessity came… HOURBANDS.  

This wasn’t the first time they’d encountered this.  Porter’s wife also takes a Thyroid pill once a day in the morning.  And sometimes she used to forget if she took it or not.   Now that she’s using the Daily HOURBAND, she hasn’t forgotten a single dose yet – amazing!

The Danger (and impedance on the quality of life) lies when someone forgets if they took their pill.  If they guess wrong (50% chance of that), they can either underdose or overdose on their meds.  THIS IS SO HUGE THAT IT HAS BEEN ESTIMATED TO BE A $300 BILLION DOLLAR A YEAR PROBLEM IN THE USA.   It has also been estimated that 7 million people are hospitalized each year and over 125,000 people die each year from medication non-adherence.

SIMPLE – The beauty of HOURBANDS lies in their simplicity.  They are super simple – no electronics, no apps, no alarms to set, no batteries to change, no programs to log into, no hassles.  They are so simple that all you do is put it on your bottle, move the buckle to your next dose – AND YOU’RE DONE!

INTUITIVE – HOURBANDS  were designed with ease of use in mind.  We want HOURBANDS to be so easy that young children can use them as easily as our loveable elderly.  OH – and they’re for everyone in between too!

AFFORDABLE – Our goal was to make something that was so easy and inexpensive that everyone could use it.  The problem these days is everyone’s making things that are so complex and expensive that life gets complicated.  We wanted a simple solution that was inexpensive and usable for everyone.